Smile aesthetics

Find a smile that meets your expectations

If our mirror was smiling, we would definitely smile back !

What is an aesthetic smile? The elements of a beautiful smile are teeth and gums ! To have an aesthetic smile, the teeth need to have appropriate proportions. There should be an harmonious relationship between teeth, gums and the face. Our medical team will bring you solutions to create the smile that fits you best !

Teeth whitening

The lightening corresponds to a treatment of the underlying dental structure of the surface enamel thus making it possible to improve the initial shade painlessly, therefore the tooth is lightened by one to three shades.

Ceramic veneers

Dental veneers are prosthetic solutions that preserve a maximum of dental substance and thus improve the aesthetics of the smile by correcting:

  • The tint
  • dental malposition
  • shape anomalies

Ceramic crowns

Dental crowns are used for more serious decay, especially when the teeth are decayed devitalized or absent.

Renewing old crowns

Crowns, when they are poorly maintained or poorly adapted, tend to wear out and consequently reveal old materials, they should then be redone with all-ceramic zirconia crowns. Replacement of all-ceramic crowns with all-ceramic crowns.

Complete device on implant

In the case of dental decay or multiple extractions, the implant solution is required for complete oral rehabilitation.

After implant healing, full bridges on implants are placed in order to restore the balance of the jaws and the perfect aestheticism of the smile.